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School is much more than reading, writing and maths! At Sutton CE we aim to nurture children so they are well prepared for life in modern Britain. We do this by ensuring our curriculum provides a broad range of opportunities to learn about the wider world. As well as promoting this through classroom learning, below are some examples of where children have taken part in other events during the past few years. 


Autumn (1) 2013-14

  • 18.9.13: NSPCC visited class 4 children in relation to ‘keeping safe’.
  • 25.9.13: Year 3-6 took part in the inter-school cross-country event at South Craven. One boy came second, securing a place at the regional finals, at which he came 9th. Out of 40 runners.
  • Class 3 football event at South Craven on 15th Nov.
  • 26.9.13: Class 1 children visited Glusburn Institute to see their puppet production of ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’
  • Clubs on offer: Handball, Art, Cookery, Gardening, Puzzle, Variety of music tuition.

 Autumn (2) 2013-14

  • 15.10.13: School photographer: Class photos.
  • 11.10.13: Harvest Festival Service, St Thomas Church, well attended by parents.
  • Half-term: Miss Margetson visited the schools link school in Sierra Leone over the half-term break. This further establishes the link between the two schools and will result in shared project on?
  • 11.11.13. The school was represented at the Park Cenotaph on Armistice Day; Where Reverend Cowgill led a short service. A special assembly was also held in school.
  • 14.11.13. Class 4 ‘Drugs Awareness’ talk, led by Peter Dawn, a motivational speaker / drugs counsellor. Parents were informed of this session and its contents in advance.
  • 13 / 14.11.13: Parental consultations. As ever, these were very well attended.
  • Clubs on offer:Dodge ball, Handball, Art, Gardening. In addition, a significant take up of musical instrumentation is evident in class 3, following a roll out of the wider opportunities programme of music tuition in school. This allows children to take home instruments free of charge.

Spring (1) 2013-14

  • 17.11.14: representatives from year 3-6 attended the inter-schools swimming gala in Skipton.
  • 28.11.13: year 4 visited South Craven School as part of a ‘language challenge’ workshop.
  • 29.11.13: Over £300 was raised from the school Christmas discos, which we attended by all but three children in the school.
  • 7.12.13: ‘Carols in the Park’ was attended by the school choir and staff representatives.
  • The School Choir visited a selection of local Retirement homes to sing for the residents.
  • 10.12.13: Over £800 was raised from the Christmas fair, which was well attended and supported by parents.
  • 12.12.13: Year 4 attended the ‘RE-Wind’ to Christmas’ events at St Thomas Church.
  • 17.12.13: The school performed their Christmas nativity production in afternoon and evening performances, this being well attended.
  • Clubs on offer: KS1 Art, KS2 Art, Dance

Spring (2) 2013-14

  • 29.1.14: members of years 3-6 attended a performing arts event at South Craven School.
  • 24.2.14: the local Fire Safety Officer led school sessions for children.
  • 12.3.14: Class 1 visited Luby’s tearooms in Crosshills in order to have a drink and piece of cake as part of their Geography theme of ‘exploring the local community’.
  • Throughout this half term local PCSO’s have visited school to deliver sessions with the children on ‘Keeping Safe’.
  • 14.3.14: Mrs Walsh met with Sutton Baptist Playgroup, the main pre-school provider in the village, with a view to scheduling an increased range of activities between their setting and school.
  • 25.3.14: Year 6 children visited ‘Crucial Crew’, an annual y6 visit alongside other schools, to take part in workshops on health and safety e.g. internet safety.
  • Class assemblies are were presented to parents this half-term. These were well attended by them. 
  • The school’s profile has been enhanced by three appearances in the local press since the previous Governing Body meeting.
  • Clubs on offer: Art, Dance, Gardening, Multisports

Summer (1) 2013-14

  • 25/ /27.3.14: Parents evening was very well attended, as usual with all but three parents of children in the school coming in.
  • 4.4.14: a party was held for KS1 children in school. This was very well attended and raised £200 for Friends.
  • 7.5.14: a group of key stage 2 children undertook a tour of Skipton Police Station as a reward for their outstanding behaviour.
  • 7.5.14: Class photos were taken.
  • 13.5.14: Police visited for classes 1 and 2, with the police van.
  • 23.5.14: Friends ran an end of term cake stall to raise funds.
  • Clubs on offer: Art, Gardening, Bricks for Kidz (Lego)

Summer (2) 2013-14

  • 2.6.14: Our year 5/6 footballers played football against Glusburn Primary School. Despite the large difference in the size of schools, Sutton CE triumphed.
  • 3.6.14: Martin Hill, Head of year 7 at South Craven visited our year 6 leavers.
  • 6.6.14: Headteacher and Mrs Smith led a parents meeting for those children attending the year 5/6 residential visit to Scarborough.
  • 11.6.14: Year 3/4 took part in the local inter-school cricket tournament.
  • 15.6.14: The annual Sutton Fun day was held, with school joining in the parade, once again winning first prize.
  • 16.6.14: School Nurse, Jane Lee worked alongside Mrs Smith to deliver the annual talk to year 6 boys and year 5 / 6 girls on the theme of puberty / growing up, this being in accordance with the school’s Sex and Relationships Education Policy.
  • 17.6.14: The school appeared on an item on BBC Look North in relation to how small schools are preparing for the changes to free school meal provision in September.
  • 19.6.14: The school undertook its annual sponsored walk, when a good number of parents and other family members joined us. Friends are still awaiting a final amount raised for this.
  • 21.6.14: ‘Heats’ took place in school for the annual ‘Sutton’s Got Talent’ competition which takes place on the last day.
  • 24.6.14: The large majority of year 5 and 6 children attended our annual residential visit, this year to Scarborough. This was a very ‘traditional’ trip for three days involving lots of paddling, sand castles and rock pooling, as well as visits to the Scarborough Castle and the Sea Life Centre. The children behaved brilliantly, this being routinely commented upon.
  • 25.6.14: Reception and year 1 children attended the local school’s ‘Mini Olympics’ at South Craven School.
  • 30.6.14: ‘Year 5 day’ at South Craven School.
  • 4.7.14: Key stage 2 ‘Chill out night’ was well attended and included a film, dancing and video games.
  • 9.7.14: Years 5 and 6 attended the inter-schools rounders festival.
  • 11.7.14: Class 4 performed Roald Dahl’s ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ for parents and the school. This was well received by the good number of family members attending.
  • 16.7.14: Whole school ‘Picnic in the Park’ with games and sports.
  • W/c 14.7.14: Parents received pupil end of year reports
  • 21.7.14: Year 6 vs. Staff annual rounders match in Sutton Park, 3.30pm
  • 22.7.14: Leaver’s Assembly in school, with annual leavers gift and leavers slideshow
  • 22.7.14: End of year games on the playground: chocolate tombola, bun stall, beat the Goalie (Mr Phillips)
  • Friends have raised in excess of £2000 this year and have continued to be very well supported. They intend to spend the bulk of this money in 2014-15 on play-based playground markings
  • Throughout this half term, ‘new starters’ for September have been visiting for their ‘transition’ sessions in class 1. Mrs Walsh and Mr Phillips have also been visiting and speaking to the pre-school settings from which the children come, in order to ensure school is familiar with the needs and abilities of the children who will be joining us.
  • Clubs on offer: Football, Bricks for kidz’ Lego Club.

Autumn (1) 2014-15

  • 10.9.14: Reverend Cowgill attended school on 10th September to deliver his final assembly before his retirement. The whole school attended and a short assembly followed by Mr Phillips, to express our thanks to him, a collection from staff and parents supported this.
  • 10.9.14: Ian Davey, (NYCC Peripatetic music teacher) has confirmed that he will be able to offer our older children (Oak Class) ongoing musical tuition through the school year. Children will be given the opportunity to learn a new instrument which they borrow for the year.
  • 11.9.14: Alison Way is visiting school weekly, throughout this half term in order to train our ‘Playground Buddies’ in First Aid.
  • Clubs on offer: Football, Lego, Art

 Autumn (2) 2014-15

  • 10.10.14: Parents joined the school for its’ annual Harvest Festival Service at St Thomas church.
  • 20.10.14: Greg Thompson, a published Author visited Oak Class to discuss his work and provide a question and answer session on effective story writing.
  • 21 / 22.10.14: Parent Evenings were once again very well attended with one 2 / 3 families not attending. Feedback from parents to Classteachers was overwhelmingly positive.
  • 23.10.14: Children Society visited school on 3 separate occasions in order to lead sessions on personal safety and stranger danger and e-safety with Oak Class (yrs 4-6)
  • 11.11.14: Girl’s Football at South Craven School, inter-school tournament
  • 12.11.14: Friends held a bun stall, raising over £100.
  • 12.11.14: the ‘Dogs Trust’ visited all the children with two dogs, in order to work with the children on ‘pet care’ and the work the trust does. This proved a very popular visit with the children.
  • 13.11.14 An ‘Open morning’ was held for parents of children potentially joining the school in September 2015.
  • 14.11.14: Annual Children in Need events took place in school, organised and led by the School council and Mrs Baker. This raised £229
  • 15.11.14. In addition, an ‘Open Morning / McMillan Charity Coffee Morning’ was held.
  • 17.11.14: Anti-Bullying week took place in school, with children mixing with others from different classes in order to engage in associated activities. Assembly was led by ‘Playground Buddies’ on what makes happy playtimes.
  • Clubs on offer: Art, Dodgeball, Football, Accordion, Choir

Autumn (2) 2014-15

  • 6.12.14: The School Christmas Fair was held in school. This was well attended and raised £1000, surpassing last year’s total.
  • 6.12.14: The School choir, led by Miss Margetson, joined members of the local community at ‘Carols in the Park’.
  • 9.12.14: Miss Kent led a workshop for parents on how they could support their child in their phonics learning.
  • 15 & 16.12.14: The whole school nativity services were very well attend at St. Thomas’s church
  • 19.12.14: The school Carol Service was held at St. Thomas’s
  • 19.12.14: The whole school attended the pantomime of Cinderella at Skipton Auction Mart. The cost of £10 per child was half met by a contribution from ‘Friends’
  • Clubs on offer: Choir were very active in the Autumn Term, including a variety of visits to people in the local community and retirement homes. This group was very well attended, with roughly a third of the school being in the choir. Bobbins after school club now offer a weekly programme of different events and workshops for all children in school. This includes Lego and construction, Art and design, Baking and a DVD evening. The ever-popular Brick 4 Kidz., Lego building club has re-commenced. For their half-termly sports club, Sports cool will be leading a Handball club.

Spring (1) 2014-15

  • 7.1.15: Mrs King attended a ‘Cross-phase’ meeting at South Craven School to discuss transition events for year 6 children moving to this school in 2015.
  • 16.1.15: Children from years 4-6 attended an inter-school swimming gala.
  • 26.1.14: year 4 children attend the ‘Language Challenge’ at South Craven School, alongside other local schools.
  • 27.1.14: year 4 children attended RE-Wind to Christmas, at St Thomas’s Church, alongside other local schools. This is Christian based workshop for children, led by Alison Way from CLIKS (Christian Links in Keighley Schools). In addition, Alison Way continues to lead Christian worship in school every 4 weeks, and Rev. Tim Calow continues to also, every two weeks.
  • 28.1.15: Children in year 3-6 joined other local schools for a drama workshop at South Craven school.
  • School commenced offering breakfast at our before school care service (known as Bobbin’s Breakfast). This service is now led by two members of staff (Mrs Baker and Mrs Smith), due to increased demand from parents.
  • Clubs on offer: Handball, Brick 4 Kidz., (Lego)

Spring (2) 2014-15

  • 12.2.15: Wellies and Onesies sponsored event in Sutton Park, this events raising £850 for Cancer Research.
  • 2.3.15: Fair Trade Fortnight was celebrated in school via activities in classes, and also in support of the school’s aim to gain level 1 Fair Trade status by the end of the summer term.
  • 5.3.15: World Book Day, supported by the Scholastic Bookfair, which saw children dressing up, sharing their favourite books and taking part in related activities.
  • 13.3.15: Red Nose Day was held in school with a variety of activities on offer.
  • 17 / 19.3.15: Parents Evenings held, this was very well attended again.
  • Clubs on offer: Golf, Accordion, Bricks for Kids (Lego)

Summer (1) 2014-15

  • 26.3.15: Year 5 and 6 children attended the Tag Rugby tournament at South Craven School.
  • 27.3.15: Parents attended the school’s annual Easter Service at St Thomas’, where children re-told the Easter story.
  • 3.4.15: Mr Phillips met with Rev. Helen Collings, the newly appointed Vicar of St Thomas’s to discuss how the church and school will work together in 2015-16.
  • 16.4.15: School Council led assembly in school on healthy eating and recycling food waste, in support of their work towards gaining the ‘Eco Schools Award.’
  • 30.4.15: Adventure Photography were in school to take annual class photographs.
  • 15.5.15: ‘Big Board Game Day’ was held in school. This aims to involve parents in coming into school and to develop children’s skills around e.g. turn taking, sharing, following rules etc.   
  • 18.5.15: Year 6 children and Mrs Campbell met with the head of Year 7 from South Craven School, to discuss transition events, first days in school etc.
  • Clubs on offer: ‘Multisports, Accordion. In addition, Bobbins continue to offer different clubs throughout the week, these being: ‘Construction’ on Mondays, ‘Art’ on Tuesdays, ‘Baking’ on Wednesdays, ‘Craft’ on Thursdays and a DVD on Fridays. Outdoor play is also included within each session. 

Summer (2) 2014-15



  • 10-12.6.15: 21 children accompanied staff on the school’s annual residential visit; this year, to Langdale Youth Hostel. The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and behaved well, and we all enjoyed beautiful weather and a range of outdoor and adventurous activities
  • 21.6.15: Sutton Funday parade was well attended again, with over a third of the school joining in. We gained second place for our ‘Where’s Wally’ theme
  • 25.6.15: We held our annual sponsored walk to Wainmans Tower and ’The Pinnacle’. This seeks to raise money for new planters for our playground. 
  • 2.7.15: Willow Class visited Blackpool Zoo to support their 'Wild Animals' topic. 
  • 6.7.15: Oak Class enjoyed a 'Roman Day', dressing up and eating Roman food, to support their topic work on Romans. 
  • 7.7.15: Sports day was very well attended, despite the rainy weather. Mum's and Dad's egg and spoon race was very competitive this year. The children enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits on their (rather wet) return to school. 
  • 8.7.15: year 5 and 6 pupils attended the inter-school rounders festival at South Craven Secondary School. 
  • 10.7.15: Year 6 leavers enjoyed a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. 





Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural learning: how we support pupil's development







  • Our curriculum across the school promotes spiritual development at all stages of a child’s development. Assemblies are taken by teaching staff and local clergy as part of this programme. During the services pupils have opportunities for reflection through prayer. Pupils regularly attend St Thomas’s, our link church for a range of events and through a structured curriculum for RE pupils have developed an understanding of other faiths, practices and beliefs and how these shape lives.
  • Spiritual development is central to PSHCE and circle time allows pupils to know and understand themselves and their emotions. 
  • Residential and other visits not only give pupils the opportunity to learn in the outdoors but enable them to appreciate the awe and wonder within the natural world. Being together as a class gives them a sense of community as well as a sense of self and of being special and unique.
  • Achievements in and out of school are celebrated in assemblies, giving pupils a sense of aspiration and personal pride.
  • Quality texts are central to the teaching of Literacy throughout the school and pupils develop spiritually by listening to and responding to literature. Pupils have similar opportunities in the Arts and Music.





  • Through a structured programme of assemblies, PHSCE and circle time pupils develop their understanding of right and wrong. They talk about the choices they make and know that sometimes they make the wrong choices and the implications of this. As pupils progress through the school they begin to appreciate the bigger picture and look at not only their own but societies agreed values.
  • Pupils contribute to and understand the work of charities, thus giving meaning to our extensive fundraising. Pupils leave our school with a strong moral compass which gives them focus and direction for the rest of their lives. Children routinely develop their own fundraising initiatives in school.
  • Morality is encouraged through our ‘Golden Responsibilities’, the focus one of children being responsible and accountable for their own behaviors and its’ effect on themselves and others
  • Children have a good understanding of the consequences of their actions. This has been enhanced by the collaborative creation with stakeholders of our five key Christian values. These are used in school to promote a shared language and understanding of what positive behavior choices look like and why they are the correct choices. The teachings of Jesus form a central part of assemblies, through story and prayer.
  • Through the curriculum we focus on opportunities to discuss morality e.g. when discussing World War Two and taking part in the local Remembrance Service. Exploration of current affairs in assemblies also provides opportunities for this e.g. when exploring racism in the recent Football Championships.






  • Pupil’s social development is fundamental to the success of our school. Independence is developed from the very early stages in children’s school life and a strong emphasis is placed on this continuing throughout school. Through our ‘Golden Responsibilities’, pupils understand the importance of telling the truth. A culture of mutual respect is the basis on which we all work. 
  • Social development and citizenship is addressed within PHSCE but also within other curriculum areas where group working is an integral part of our approach.
  • The house system develops a sense of collective responsibility as pupils work towards team points. All classes have school council representatives and a playground buddy system ensures the inclusion of vulnerable pupils on the playground and structured play opportunities for all.
  • Through their experiences throughout school pupils develop empathy, understanding of difference, tolerance and respect for not only themselves but also for others. If a child experiences social difficulties in school other children are very accommodating and supportive. E.g. class-based Epilepsy and Autism awareness being delivered to classes with children with these conditions. 
  • A variety of after-school clubs, inter-school sporting events, discos etc. allow children to interact socially in addition to the school day.







  • Whilst the curriculum offers pupils opportunities to learn about different cultures and religions, the diverse range of learning opportunities allows them to deepen their understanding and develop their appreciation of difference.
  • Pupils have worked closely with the local secondary school in design and technology, MFL and sport. Pupils with gifts and talents are recognised and their achievements celebrated in assembly.
  • Annual residential trips in year 5 and year 6, out of school visits and invited speakers / visitors are planned to enrich learning.
  • We provide a range of positive cooperate experiences e.g. through assemblies, residential visits, community events, celebration of national festivals,  school productions; for children to feel part of a shared culture,
  • Links with our international link school have provided the foundation for associated classroom learning this year through reciprocal visits. Our class 3 teacher accommodated two delegates for a week, who worked with children in promoting understanding of common values. Shared learning between our school and the one in Fawe in Sierra Leone has also taken place. In this way we can we present authentic accounts of the attitudes, values and traditions of diverse cultures.
  • Issues around discrimination are very rare in school. Where they have occurred a robust approach has been adopted and action taken accordingly.







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