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Our Team

Headteacher                                            Mrs Katy Herbert

School Business Manager                    Mrs Angela Hayton

School Administrator                              Mrs  Amy Chacksfield


Early Years/Year 1 Teacher                    Mrs Samantha Davison

Year 1/Year 2 Teacher                             Miss Paula Margetson

Year 3/Year 4 Teacher                            Mrs Emma Akroyd

Year 5/Year 6 Teacher (part-time)       Mrs Alison Campbell

Year 5/Year 6 Teacher (part-time)       Mrs Rebecca Rothwell


Higher Level Teaching Assistant         Mrs Caroline Williamson


Teaching Assistant                                  Mrs Helen Longbottom

Teaching Assistant (SEN)                      Mrs Tracy Felgate

Teaching Assistant (SEN)                      Mrs Denise Hartley

Teaching Assistant                                  Mrs Gail Jenkins

Teaching Assistant (SEN)                      Mrs Emma Brown

Teaching Assistant                                  Mrs Vicki McLaren

Teaching Assistant                                  Miss Nichola Lindley

Teaching Assistant                                  Mrs Lucy Hutchinson


Teaching Assistant                                  Mrs Charlotte Walker - maternity leave


Midday Supervisor                                    Mrs Heather Spence

Midday Supervisor                                    Mrs Tina Curtis

Midday Supervisor  (part-time)              Mrs Sophie Spurr

Midday Supervisor  (part-time)              Mrs Rhonda Phelps


Cook                                                             Miss Hannah South

Kitchen Assistant                                      Ms Liz Valentine

Caretaker                                                     Mr Martin Cooper

Sutton in Craven CE Primary is a Church of England school serving the whole community.


Our Vision

 We create a nurturing environment where children and staff can flourish and fulfil their potential. Our children are encouraged to develop a lifelong passion for learning, drawing inspiration from positive role models and the Christian faith. The school community collaboratively provides equal opportunities for everyone to develop as well-rounded individuals.


Our Aims

 - To provide a safe, secure, caring and stimulating environment which fosters the development of all through support and challenge.

- To promote a positive attitude to learning with an emphasis on self-respect and respect for others, resilience, co-operation and self-confidence.

- To provide high quality teaching and learning which is purposeful, enjoyable and accessible, enabling each individual to make good progress.

- To promote Christian Values and British Values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance) in all areas of school life.

- To have consistently high expectations of all members of the school community.

- To work in partnership with parents, governors and the wider community to ensure the best outcomes for each individual and prepare them for life.

- To provide access to high quality continuing professional development for all members of the school community in order to maximise their potential.


Produced by the children, parents and staff of Sutton in Craven CE Primary School, Summer term 2018.


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