Our vision is to support every child to flourish into compassionate, confident and resilient young people who have a delight in learning and do so in the love of God.

We advocate for each and every child to achieve their very best and uphold high aspirations for them all. We are educating every child to live life in all its fullness.


Our principles for Assessment

  • It puts the child at the centre of their learning, focusing on how they learn, ensuring all children reach their full potential.
  • Teaching, learning and assessment are cohesive attributes and key to driving progress and achievement.
  • Our bespoke approach values professional judgement, dialogue and a common language of children reaching their individual potential.
  • It is meaningful and manageable, supported by a range of evidence (formative, summative), to recognise the holistic and educational successes and achievements of all learners.
  • It is part of effective planning of teaching and learning, central to classroom practice, focusing on children’s self-regulation, providing prompts and cues to improve their ability to plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning.
  • It identify gaps in pupil’s knowledge so that teachers can adjust planning and teaching to enable children to make the next steps in learning and reach their full potential.
  • It demonstrates progress by showing that ALL children know and remember more.


Assessment at Sutton CE celebrates children – their efforts, attitudes and behaviour for learning, their successes and achievements. They develop a LOVE of learning, find the COURAGE to challenge themselves and be at PEACE knowing that they have done their best – ultimately flourishing into life long learners.