Residential 2022

Going on residential is an important part of the primary school experience. This academic year, we have resumed our residential trip with a fantastic visit to Boggle Hole in Whitby. The children and staff had a fantastic time enjoying the many different learning opportunities in the great outdoors.

An exciting launch and Landing

We know how important it is to engage our children with new learning. As part of our Humanities work, each new unit begins with a launch activity and ends with a landing where we celebrate our learning.

This year so far our children have been on visits to a local castle and tropical world, had a workshop led by an Anglo Saxon, experienced a game of pok a tok, re-enacted the fire on Pudding Lane and taken part in a Greek Olympics to name but a few.

Enrichment through Sport

All children throughout their life at Sutton in Craven C of E Primary School will experience dance, gymnastics, invasion games, net wall, athletics, swimming and outdoor adventurous activities. To compliment this, we also take part in a range of tournaments within our local area.